Celsius Sifca

Celsius Sifca

Sifca is an acronym that stands for Slurry Infiltrated Fiber CAstable. Sifca is a precast refractory composite composed of low cement refractory slurry and stainless steel fiber.

It is a combination of up to 16 volume percent stainless steel fibers and any one or 6 slurry types. Under appropriate conditions, Sifca shapes can have a service temperature range up to 1650 °C.

At elevated operating temperatures, SIFCA replaces cast iron and steel parts that are oxidizing. SIFCA is also a direct replacement for conventional precast refractory shapes in structural or support applications. SIFCA shapes, unlike standard precast shapes, can be bolted to the same structure as the steel or cast iron it is replacing.

 Typical applications

  • Steel ladle retainer rings
  • Reheat furnace door jambs & door perimeters
  • Iron Ladle pour shouts
  • Slag out sections
  • Torpedo ladle throats
  • Composite tundish covers
  • Blast furnace trough and runner covers
  • Replace water cooled metal sections
  • Typical Non Ferrous applications:
  • Furnace door jambs, sills and lintels
  • Rotary kiln nose rings
  • Cruse bottoms
  • Trough and launder sections
  • Metal stirring tools – Siphon tips – Furnace door parameters – Thermocouple protection tubes – Skimblades

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  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Compressive strength
  • Refractoriness when compared to steel/ cast iron shapes.


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