Hot Spot Repairs


Hotspot repair on furnaces or all kind of industrial heaters, boilers and Petro-chemical installations. With more then 25 years of experience, we can offer a repair in process with no-stop / shut-down requird from the thermal installation.

With our special injectable Celplast mouldables we can offer a In-Process-Repair by injecting our ready mix low density insulating moulds / pumpables.

From very small cracks (around burners) up to large area’s with missing and or damaged refractories where we can repair on the missing refractories with our Celplast Mouldables.

Fine cracks can be injected with our special Celpumpable QF-product.

Celsius Hot Spot Repair Systems

System 1 – Celsius Hotspot Repair System ® 1DI

Injecting by pumping direct into the open area with ½” tube in the damaged area. We inject this where the back-up layer is not longer intact due high temperature gasses. (by-pass to the cold face surface )

System 2 – Celsius Hotspot Repair System ® 2LA

This system is using a special tool to build up a new lining in the damaged area. Our specialized team can support you with a custom made solution to avoid a total shut-down!

System 3 – Celsius Hotspot Repair System ® 3HC

Injecting fine liquid Celpumpable in a fine crack. Cracks typical around burners and complex refractory connections. Due to the very fine structure, the Celpumpable can reach cracks and openings in all type of refractories.

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  • Repair without shutdown
  • Possible at high temperatures
  • Smart, innovative technology


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