CelsiModules are designed for full thickness furnace linings and provide a high quality system. Each module is continuously folded or stacked and compressed into specific density to provide longer furnace life. CelsiModules linings provide low heat loss and storage which increases furnace productivity and efficiency.

WELD-TITE MODULE Attachments is a speed weld system that requires no stud pattern or furnace layout. The advantage to this attachment system is the speed weld gun which attaches the stud to the furnace casing and then tightens the module onto the stud. CelsiModules can be installed in a Uni-directional (with batten strips) or in a Parquet pattern.

SREW-TITE MODULE Attachment requires a stud pattern or a furnace layout before installing the modules. After the furnace layout is completed, each stud is welded to the furnace casing. The modules are then positioned over the stud and secured with a threaded nut. There are no blind welds when using the Screw-Tite system. This attachment provides longer furnace life. CelsiModules can be installed in a Uni-directional (with batten strips) or in a Parquet pattern.

H ANCHOR MODULE Attachment can be used for standard size modules or with Macro Modules (larger size modules). This hardware system provides a strong and durable lining for longer furnace life. This attachment is quick and easy to install. The H Anchor is welded to the furnace shell and a module is slid over both sides of the anchor. Using this system, CelsiModules can only be installed in a Uni-directional pattern with batten strips.

Typical applications

  • Continuous and Batch Kilns
  • Door Linings
  • Glazing and Porcelain Furnace Linings
  • Duct Linings
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Boiler Insulation
  • Stack Linings
  • Ethylene, Pyrolysis and Reformer furnaces
  • Boiler Linings
  • Pre-Heat Ladle Covers
  • Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Soaking Pit Covers and Seals
  • Reheat Furnaces
  • Insulation of Commercial Dryers and Ovens
  • Veneer over Existing Refractory
  • Stress Relieving Insulation
  • Glass Furnace Crown Insulation


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  • Providing low heat loss
  • Increasing furnace productivity
  • Increasing furnace efficiency
  • Applying full lining thickness in one action


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