Stackbond insulation

Stackbond insulation

Special designed anchors will be welded according to the welding procedure with the right anchor pattern. If al anchors are tested the installation of the fibre materials can be started. Strips of fiber of your choice, the width equal to the desired lining thickness, will be mounted over the anchors.

The fibre will be supplied in rolls with a width of 610mm, before installing the fibre strips, the strips are to be cut by machine saw, for example a ribbon saw. (Note: handsaw is not allowed due too rough and irregular surface) The rolls have to be cut on the right height to full fill the specified requirements.

The fibre lining will be installed. The fibre strips will be pushed over the pin up anchors and compressed tightly to compensate for shrinkage. (compression rate is 20%) For flat walls or roofs a sliding frame can be used to mound the strips exactly on the same height so the surface will be smooth and straight. A flat joint will be installed wherever two strips meet “end to end” to avoid gaps due to low compression. Shapes will be cut to fit for areas that can not be covered with normal strips.

When the first pin up anchor is filled with fibre strips the next pin up anchor can be mounted on the stud, repeat this process till the whole surface is covered.

 Typical applications

  • Stacks
  • Burner plate
  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Tunnel kiln

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  • Shrinkage resistance
  • High quality, durable method

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