Tempcoat 101

TEMP-COAT 101 is a liquid ceramic insulation capable of insulating surfaces between the range of -61 °C(-80 °F) to 177 °C (350 °F) with a guarantee that it will insulate and adhere to the surface it insulates.  The thickness of the material is the control factor as to what temperatures the product can control.

TEMP-COAT 101 can be applied on surfaces up to 176,67 °C (350 °F) without disruption of operations. It has the ability to insulate at relatively thin film compared to conventional insulations. It curbs Corrosion Under Isolation (CUI) by adhering to the surface it insulates.

TEMP-COAT 101 is approved by over 100 of the Fortune five hundred manufacturers and many of their suppliers in the  US.  TEMP-COAT has carried approval from the US Navy, US Coast Guard and Lloyd’s Register going back as far as 1996.

The largest market for TEMP-COAT for the past 10 years has centered around the CUI(Corrosion Under Insulation)issue.  Industries ranging from Oil and Gas to the Maritime industries have embraced TEMP-COAT as a product that can stop corrosion, save energy, reduce labor costs, protect personnel, reduce inspection time and finally extend the life of their assets.  Our product has performed well in heavy industrial and difficult environments for over 18 years.

Our client list includes Shell Oil, Dow, DuPont, Union Carbide and Conoco to name a few.  We also serve many of the large military manufacturers such as General Dynamics, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman.

Typical applications

  • Boilers, (storage) tanks
  • Incinerators
  • Ducting
  • Thermal barrier for applications on roof tops and walls.
  • As final outside layer for personnel protection
  • Maritime industry

Link to the website of our supplier: www.temp-coat.com

Tempcoat tank Tempcoat container

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  • Curbs Corrosion Under Isolation (CUI)
  • Does not require jacketing
  • Easily repaired and inspected
  • Will not absorb moisture or liquids
  • Will not harbor bacteria, rodents or insects
  • Eliminates waste
  • Fast application
  • VOC free


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